Eminem opens up about prescription drug addiction, says he nearly died

Eminem has opened up for the first time about his history of drug use, saying how he once nearly died from an overdose of prescription drugs.

The star’s confession comes in a new documentary called How To Make Money Selling Drugs.

The 40-year-old reveals how he was once almost put on dialysis and doctors didn’t think that he would recover.

He says how he was taking a cocktail of self prescribed Vicodin, Xanax and Valium.

In the film, the star says how because he was taking prescription pills and 'not shooting heroin' or 'putting coke up [his] nose' or 'smoking crack', that he 'literally thought [he] could control it.'

“I don't know what point exactly it started to be a problem, I just remember liking it more and more”,  Eminem says.

“Had I got to the hospital about two hours later, I would have died. My organs were shutting down. My liver, kidneys, everything.”

“They were going to have to put me on dialysis, they didn’t think I was going to make it,” he said in a shocking revelation.

 “I just couldn’t believe that anybody could be naturally happy or naturally function or be just enjoying life in general without being on something.”

He said he didn't sleep for three weeks after that and later relapsed, thinking that he needed to change for his children.

“I remember walking around my house and thinking every single day, "I'm gonna f*cking die." I'm looking at my kids, and like, I need to be here for this,” he said.
Eminem Daughter Hailie

Eminem is dad to Haillie, 17 and also adopted his ex-girlfriend’s daughter from a previous relationship and her sister’s daughter.

The star hopes than speaking out on the issue will help people currently struggling with drug addiction find the help the need.

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