Beyonce gets caught in the middle of Diddy and J Cole's feud at VMAs afterparty, Jay-Z tries to break the brawl up

Poor Beyonce got caught up in a vicious brawl between Diddy and J.Cole at a VMAs afterparty.

Bey, 31, was spotted screaming at the two rappers after they became embroiled in a feud over Diddy's girlfriend, Cassie.

A guest told the New York Daily News: "It was mayhem. Beyoncé was yelling at them to stop and Jay Z was separating people and getting people away from Bey.

"We were all dancing and the fight breaks out, and it happened so quickly and bottles were crashing everywhere, and everyone was screaming. People got pushed into bottles"

The fight apparently started when J.Cole said some 'unsavoury' things to Cassie, which led to Bey stepping in to save the day and hubby Jay-Z on hand as back up.

 Another guest told the New York Post: "J. Cole was saying inappropriate things to Sean Combs and his girlfriend, Cassie.

"Sean immediately pounced. Some pushing and shoving happened. No punches were thrown, but it was a visible disturbance. A few bottles splashed to the floor and some partygoers were knocked over."

But Diddy was quick to try and smooth things over, getting up to DJ and wish Cassie a happy birthday.

He told the room: "It’s all cool! Ya’ll keep having fun! It’s no big deal, it’s over."

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