China: Boy's Eyes Gouged Out By Woman

A six-year-old boy is recovering in hospital after his eyes were gouged out in an horrific attack in China.
The child, who has been named as Guo Bin, went missing from his home in the country’s Shanxi Province on Saturday evening.
He had failed to return home for dinner after playing outside.
Five hours later, the child was discovered by his parents with both eyes missing.
The young boy's mother said she found her son near their home.
His face was covered with blood but he was conscious and spoke to her, reportedly claiming that he had been attacked by a female who spoke with a strange accent.
Speaking from the hospital where he is being treated, the youngster's father explained what he said happened.
"[He was] walking down the street, then someone just carried him away. This is what my son told me. We asked him on the way [to hospital].
"He knew exactly what was happening. He said there was a person gouging his eyes with 'a thing', and he cried.
"The person then told him: 'Don't cry. If you stop crying I'll stop gouging your eyes'."
An initial suggestion in the Chinese media claimed the child's eyes were found nearby with the cornea missing.
Uncorroborated reports said that the attack may have been connected to China's illegal trafficking of human organs.
However, local police have now said they do not believe the attack was in any way related to organ trafficking and that while the eyes were found near the boy, the cornea had not been removed.
It remains possible that authorities are denying the link to trafficking in order to cover-up an embarrassing problem.
The director of Shanxi Eye Hospital, where the boy is being treated, has said that the child is now making a recovery but that his sight will never be recovered.
"The boy's general condition is stable. We conducted a three-hour check on his eyes yesterday, mainly on the trauma his eyes suffered," Yang Caizhen said.
"Our hospital established a treatment group for this case, and it's been confirmed that the boy is definitely going to be blind.
"His eyeballs are gone. Current medical technology has no means to help a patient whose eyeballs are gone by installing artificial eyes. There is no such technology in the world yet."
A local police chief, named only as Liu, said that he could not speculate on a motive for the attack.
"We are sparing no efforts trying to solve this case," he added.
A reward of RMB100,000 (£10,000) has been offered to anyone with information about the attack.


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