Katy Perry's secret teeth phobia sees her spending TWO HOURS at the dentist ahead of EVERY event - EXCLUSIVE

Despite having been married to an Englishman (yeah, we're using that stereotype), Katy Perry's biggest "phobia" is apparently bad teeth.

According to a source, Katy spends TWO HOURS at the dentist getting laser whitening ahead of every single red carpet event she attends.

 The source exclusively told omg!: "Katy’s obsessed with good breath and super white teeth, for her that’s as important as her outfits and she swears by laser whitening.

"Her teeth are like her cats, she looks after them with her life. She has laser whitening before all big events."

Katy's toothy obsession even apparently caused friction in her marriage to Russell Brand after he allegedly 'mocked her' for brushing her teeth so often.

Our source added: "Her family could never afford to take her to the dentist when she was growing up and she had in excess of 13 cavities, which gave her a lifelong fear of bad teeth.
Russell Brand wasn't a fan of Katy Perry's toothy obsession.

 "Russell used to mock her about her obsession, and she hated it because it proved to her that he never understood what she went through. She is always thinking about her teeth, and Russell hated her phobia."

The 28-year-old has spent thousands on her knashers, brushing her teeth EVERY time she goes to the toilet and even has specially made tooth brushes.

Our source blabbed: "For years of her life she didn’t want to smile and was self conscious when she spoke, and it's something really deep rooted in her.

"Now one of the things she’s most proud of are her teeth, and she’s spent thousands on making sure they’re perfect."

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