An Exlusive With "V-Wonderful"

Another day, another interview with a sensational artist “V-Wonderful”…
Emmanuel Victor “V-One”(a.k.aVwondaful) is a GOSPEL/R&B/ act based in Nigeria. His single, “I’m in love”, has been making a huge impact on the music scene. An indigene of AkwaIbom state, this young and talented artiste had so much to tell us about the struggles and challenges of being an artiste in Nigeria. Sit back, relax and read.

Naija Talk: Let’s get to meet you

V-One: My names are Emmanuel Victor. That’s what’s on my birth certificate. But as an artiste, I decided to take up a stage name…and it is V-One. (he smiles)

Naija Talk: So, are you a Nigerian?

V-One: (laughs) yea! I am a full blooded Nigerian.  I am actually an indigene of Akwa-Ibomstate; though I have lived in Lagos state for a very long time. So yes to your question…I am a Nigeria.

Naija Talk: When did you decide that music was going to be your career?

V-One: I started out my music professionally in 2003, but the decision to pursue music as a career was one I made a long time ago. I grew up on the streets listening to good tunes, developed an insatiable love for the trade and decided ‘hey, why don’t I concentrate on music…since it appeals to my spirit so much’. I believe I took that decision in 1999 when I first join the church choir.

Naija Talk: What inspired you into music?

V-One: my inspiration came from the streets. You know whenever our parents took to neighbor’s birthday parties and other functions; e’d dance and listen to a lot of good music. Those songs I listened to as a kid really inspired me into wanting to compose my own. I listened to great songs by Michael Jackson, CeceWinnas, R-Kelly, Usher Raymond,BoysIIMen, Whitney Houstone.t.c; and on the home front -naija scene- I listened to King Sunny Ade, 2face idibia, African China, Sound Sultan and so a many others. All these influences did ignite my passion and love for music. Music is my passion and I live for it…

Naija Talk: How many songs have you recorded since you started music professionally?

V-One: I have done a lot of songs in the past. I have recorded some demos and played with some tunes in the studio…if you understand what I mean! But since I got really serious with standard, more serious recording, I have done 5 songs which I am promoting currently one after the other. One is already rocking the airwaves... “ I’m in love”

Naija Talk: How many artiste(s) have featured so far?

V-One: Hmmm. For now i have worked with some UPRISING act. Am still in the circle of working with the Top and known act. I have not yet promote any of the songs. I am promoting my own personal effort to show to my my fans that I can still deliver better  by just me myslf and i. You know…we were just free styling then. But I am currently working with some great artistes(name witheld for now).

Naija Talk: Now let’s ask you one personal question which I know the lady fans out there would love to hear: Are you married? Or tell us about your love(relationship) life?

V-One: (Laugh) well to be frank with you…  It’s my privacy which i don’t intend to bring out to the media for now. So let it be confidencialplssss. (he Smile). Let me concentrate on my career for now. MUSIC IS MY LIFE. 

Naija Talk: Any advice for Upcoming Artistes who wants to be like you?

V-One: Well, what can I say; music is not the easiest career in the world. But if you have it and you believe that you’ve got it in you, I wanna say ‘don’t give up’, ‘keep the flame burning and keeping perfecting it’. Keeps faith to whatever you’re doing… believe on your strength and believe in God. And one day you’ll be there.

Naija Talk: Nice to have you with us today, V-One. Hope you will oblige us when you seek your presence here again?

V-One: It would be a pleasure any time. And I would like to say a huge thank you to all your crew and the wonderful people supporting your movement.

To clear your mind, you can listen to his banging single "I am in love" below



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