Chinese brothers run farm home to 50,000 SNAKES where staff have to do three months of training before they start work

For most of us, it is the daily commute or a meeting with the boss that is the most stressful part of the working day.

But spare a thought for brothers Yang Xunyi and Yang Xunlun who have to manage a farm of 50,000 snakes on a daily basis.

The pair run a 3.3 acre snake farm, which includes 30,000 cobras in Chongqing, a major city in south-west China.

'I have been bitten numerous times, which all happened when I fed them.

'When you are bitten, you have to squeeze out the poison immediately and wash the wound with a large amount of water.'

He said he treated the wound with his home-made balm and medicines instead of visiting hospital.

The farm has 20 workers, all of whom have to go through an intensive three-month training programme before they are allowed to work on the site.

Their job involves incubating eggs, catching food for the snakes and killing the animals. The skin of the snakes is then sold and every year, around 500,000 skins are exported from Asia.

Source: Dailymail


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