We Want to Know: Would YOU Wear an Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch is the most ballyhooed tech object in recent memory. But whatever magical functionality it may possess as a health monitor, messaging device, and so on, it’s also, you know, a watch.

And the watch business is no trivial thing. Particularly when you’re talking about the $350+ price range that the Apple Watch will join, you’re talking about consumers who take their wearable timepieces very seriously.

That crowd seemed skeptical of Samsung’s Galaxy Gear. So a long post on the timepiece-centric aBlogToWatch caught our eye. The provocative title: How Screwed Is The Watch Industry Thanks To The Apple Watch?

“Not only are there many, many people with empty wrists who love new tech,” reads a key passage, “but there are people with basic timepieces who would be happy to replace them with an Apple Watch.”

The writeup is loaded with caveats. But given that we’re talking about an object whose specifics we know about almost entirely through Apple’s promotional claims, it’s still a bold statement!

And it raises a question for all you wearers of actual watches: How open are you to ditching your own stylish, or even bare-bones-practical, timepiece for a high-tech Apple superwatch?


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